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Introducing Blue Angel® Ultra-Premium Vodka. Produced in the Bay Area. Distilled in America of American grain. Gluten-free


Distilled six times to remove congeners. Uses reverse osmosis and deionization to ensure the water used in the distillation process is as pure and clean-tasting as possible resulting in a extra-smooth, gluten-free vodka.

Double Gold Medal

Double Gold Winner

San Francisco
World Spirits Competition

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Produced in the Bay Area and distilled in America from American grain.

This May Be The Best Damn Vodka I’ve Ever Tasted.
Anthony Dias-Blue
The Tasting Panel Magazine

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Maurice Kanbar is first and foremost a philanthropist and supporter of the arts and sciences. His lifelong prowess as an entrepreneur, inventor, developer, film producer, master spirits distiller has enabled him to donate millions of dollars during his lifetime to fulfill his mission of making a difference. There isn't a day in which Kanbar doesn't think about how he can improve or fix something, how he can make things better.

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